Adult Fitness Solutions

At EXCEED, we believe that it is vitally important for our adult clients to hold on to their inner athlete. Far too many adults spend most of their days sitting down in compromising postures. A sedentary work environment brings along movement dysfunctions and nagging pains that are manageable through good training. We take pride in catering our programs to general and specific movement issues and aim to help the average adult client look, move and feel better. Through early and on-going assessments, we can accurately determine an appropriate starting point for you based on your goals, strengths, weaknesses, training history and injury history that will help you maximize gains and minimize discomfort.


This is a fun and challenging setting where we blend mobility, strength, power, movement and endurance to form an effective training program for the majority of adult clients. This setting allows you to connect with your “Inner Athlete” and share this connection with others aiming to do the same. Group Fitness is targeted towards anyone who has grown sick of the commercial gym monotony and wants to be pushed to achieve real goals. It is also for the more competitive and motivated client that is looking for a smarter, more progressive program that doesn’t just aim to crush you into the ground. Although there will be many times where you will feel like you’ve been put through the ringer – it’s easy to make you tired – it’s our intention to MAKE YOU BETTER. Our coaches have the knowledge and experience to push those who need it and to help regress those who aren’t quite ready.


This type of training combines the Semi-Custom programming of Private Training with the economical nature of Group Training. Our customized program will allow you to train to your specific goals and around your unique concerns in a semi-private setting. All Performance clients will share the facility, equipment, and coaching but never have to settle for a standard “cookie-cutter” programming. This option helps you train more frequently and consistently but still holds customization at a premium.