Athletic Development

Unlike other gyms which either offer unsupervised “open gym” fitness or an inflexible “one workout of the day fits all” experience, EXCEED focuses on customized fitness programming for each client, whether its a youth athlete looking to make a sports team for the first time, a collegiate athlete looking to stay in shape on their break or an adult group fitness member working to get in the best shape of their life. 

One of our core principles is that all athletes are unique. Although many possess similar strengths and weaknesses, it is vital to approach each athlete with their individual needs in mind. After a comprehensive assessment the athlete is provided with custom exercise programming and instruction based on our findings. The right exercise program is the one that garners the greatest results. This individualization allows us to better approach the optimal and ideal program for all of our clients. Lastly, and often most importantly, in addition to the exercise programming each client is approached with different coaching methods and instruction depending on their learning style and demeanor.

What You’ll Gain…

Our elite programs are designed to focus heavily on the following skills and abilities:

  • Total Body Strength and Power – The Holy Grail of Athleticism. Getting strong and powerful is vital to any athlete looking to improve speed and on-field performance.
  • Acceleration – Better starting speed and the initial “burst.”
  • Deceleration – Perfect landing, stopping, cutting, absorbing and reducing speed and forces.
  • Dynamic Stability – Balance and the ability to maintain position in the presence of outside forces.
  • Energy System Development – Aerobic and Anaerobic endurance.
  • Core Strength and Stability – The ability to control the torso to produce and reduce forces in movements like throwing, kicking, tackling, running and jumping.
  • Resilience – The ability to withstand injuries and trauma associated with sports.
  • Confidence – Knowing you put in the work and have the foundation of strength and power to display your skills is the true key to performing at high levels.
  • Outlook on Fitness – Research has shown that early fitness-related experiences hold the greatest correlation to adult fitness levels so it is important for us to create a fun and exciting environment where they can improve their performance and create a passion for fitness and wellness. Our atmosphere should give athletes a positive experience with health and fitness. 




At EXCEED, we think it’s important to work hard at something and put in a consistent effort in order to achieve your desired results. We promote an attitude and level of commitment that pushes each athlete to seek small improvements one day at a time. Over time, these repeated focused efforts add up to greatness. This is why we have established a level and promotion system that is hard to argue with. Click the picture to read more about it.