College/High School Athletes

“It was during my sophomore year of high school that I officially decided to pursue athletics in college, and luckily for me, I was introduced to Shane Davenport around that same time. After my first few workouts with Shane, I recognized that I was being trained by a guy who really knew his stuff. Whether it was doing sprints on the field, or lifting in the weight room, Shane’s teachings were effective and easily understood. He taught me the right way to do things, including valuable techniques focusing on injury-prevention. Looking at my current success as a collegiate athlete, I always think about the countless hours I trained with Shane, and wouldn’t trade in a second of that time. Outside of the many things learned, Shane’s positive and humorous demeanor always livened up the workouts. He was always encouraging and supportive to those around him, and he created a constructive environment where anyone could feel confident in what they were doing. As a result of Shane’s training, my overall athleticism has improved, and has been a huge part of my success as a collegiate athlete. I continue to practice the exercises and techniques I learned from Shane, and always feel thankful to have been able to work with such an ideal instructor.”

– Jesse Bilafer, 2-Sport Captain (Hockey and Softball) as a Junior, Endicott College

“Sports have always been an integral part of my life. However, the preparation involving weight-training and proper technique was very unfamiliar to me. Despite my lack of experience, I was determined to getting stronger and bigger and committed to doing everything in my power to bringing my basketball game to the next level. Luckily, someone recognized my determination and I will never forget the opportunity Sean offered me. He asked if I would be his training partner and in return he would help me work on my speed and strength. Initially, I was doubtful of the strangers confidence, but optimistic and agreed to work with him. After only a few weeks of training, not only were my strength and speed numbers noticeably improved but I had also gained a considerable amount of knowledge of the process. Sean modified and personalized everything I did in order to help me perform on the court. Sean’s unique training style and knowledge gained the attention of everyone at the fitness center and before he knew it, Sean was working with everyone from other athletes, to parents and anyone simply looking to stay in shape. It’s never an easy day, but Sean’s motivational teaching instruction will help any athlete who is committed and prepared to work with him. My decision to workout with Sean was by far the best decision I could have made in pursuit of improving my athleticism. I am so fortunate to have gained his support, friendship, and guidance throughout my collegiate career.”

– Mark Palmieri, Point Guard, University of New Haven Men’s Basketball

“Training with Shane in high school was far and away the best decision I made in my athletic career. I thought I knew what I was doing on my own, but after a few weeks training with him, I quickly realized otherwise. He helped me become a better and more explosive athlete and the results were noticeable. During my last season in High School I attracted some recruiters from Division 2 and 3 Football, which was not very likely in years prior to training with Shane.

Initially, I decided against playing at a small school and went off to Clemson University. I transferred to UMass Amherst the following year and after a few months I felt I had enough gas left in the tank to give football one more shot. So I sought out Shane once again. We got back to work, this time with the hopes of earning a spot on the Division 1 UMass Football team. Working with Shane gave me the confidence and physical tools to walk-on and compete at the highest level. All the hard work paid dividends when I was surprised by my coaches and awarded a full athletic scholarship my Senior year and later presented with the team’s Academic Achievement Award.

I owe Shane many thanks for helping me accomplish and experience these amazing feats. I would not have had the opportunity to do what I did without Shane’s guidance and I thank God that I was able to buy into his program as early as I did. Talent is great, but there is a lot of room that can be made up by training with a true professional like Shane. I learned this first-hand and I encourage any young athlete with a passion and work ethic to do the same.”

– Rob O’Connor, Linebacker, UMass Football

“I have worked with Shane throughout High School at Acton-Boxborough and have continued through College. I currently play Lacrosse for the Nationally Ranked Umass-Amherst Women’s Lacrosse team. Shane has helped me increase my speed, strength and overall athleticism. He is a big part of the reason I have been able to overcome a nagging hamstring injury and continue to train and perform at an elite level. He is able to manipulate the program in order to benefit each of his athletes, especially those with injuries or have specific needs. Shane helped me achieve All-American status in High School and has helped me excel in the Collegiate ranks as well.”

– Kelsey McGovern, Defender, UMass Amherst Women’s Lacrosse

“Elite training is a must for athletes who strive to be the best. I cannot say that I am one of the best athletes around, but for 6 years, I received the best training from Shane during his tenure at CATZ. Shane is a tremendous performance coach; he treats every individual like a close friend and provides unique advice based on specific needs. Playing Division 1 Football required me to become a much stronger, faster, more mobile individual and the improvements I made are accredited, by and large, to Shane. I am very fortunate to have had Shane help me achieve my goals that I thought unattainable. Shane is a great coach and an even better guy. I cannot wait to see him exceed expectations, just as he has helped me exceed mine.”

– John Bumpus, Defensive End, Brown University Football

“I started training with Shane during the Spring of my Senior year of high school to prepare for college football in the Fall. When I started, I had limited strength and conditioning knowledge, and numerous injuries as a result of poor training guidance from local coaches. By the time I made it to camp I had dramatically improved my mobility, was injury free, and breezed through my conditioning exams.

I continued training with Shane each off-season during my tenure as a 4 year starting placekicker, and routinely showed up to camp more prepared than my teammates. I traveled over an hour (round trip), five days a week in order to train with Shane, and it was all worth it.

WARNING: Shane is hands down the most competitive person you will ever meet, and expects nothing but absolute devotion. If you are just looking for a place to hit the treadmill and go through the motions, look elsewhere.”

– Brian Harvey, Place Kicker, University of Maine Football

“I wanted to make an impression my Freshman year at Sacred Heart. I knew in order to be my best and stand out; I had to find a trainer who understood me. I spent the first week literally going through three trainers, all of which cared more about their paycheck than my actual needs for the summer. A friend then recommended me to Shane’s facility. After my very first workout, which went about thirty minutes over our scheduled time, I realized I had found the best trainer I could’ve asked for, ever. Not only did Shane walk me through his prepared program set up for my individual needs; he guided me through each lift, sprint, stretch, and the overall training program. Throughout that summer, Shane made sure each exercise was executed properly and always pushed me to my limits. Shane made it possible for me to beat all of my anticipations. There were moments where I had mentally flat lined and Shane would find ways to coach me through and help me overcome whatever obstacle I was enduring on and off the ice. As I approached my first college preseason, I knew I was ready.

Even when I wasn’t with Shane, he was always checking in with me through the season and ensuring I was approaching everyday with a relentless attitude. I drove about fifty minutes one-way just to have Shane as my trainer and I can honestly say I have never, ever come across a better trainer, mentor, and encourager than Shane. Shane has such a passion and desire for what he does that he not only transforms athletes in the gym, he influences his athletes to be better overall people.”

-Megan Murphy, Forward, Sacred Heart Women’s Ice Hockey