EXCEED was built with serious athletes in mind. There is no fluff and everything is designed with strength, power and performance being our priority.

Our newly built, 7,000 square-foot facility features the following equipment:

  • 4 Heavy-Duty Power Racks – Used for squatting, pressing, pull-ups and other maximal loaded movements.
  • Men’s, Women’s and Training Barbells – We have bars appropriate for varying ages and abilities.
  • Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting Barbells
  • Elite Dumbbells – Ranging from 10 – 115 lbs.
  • Custom-Built Jerk Boxes – For any serious Olympic Weightlifters
  • 3 Plywood Olympic Lifting Platforms – We have a dedicated space where strength athletes can practice their lifts.
  • 2 Deadlifting Platforms
  • Rogue 14′ Monster Lite Rig – Our 10-foot hight rig has 4 stations for squatting, benching, Olympic lifting, and other similar strength work; in addition, the rig also features a 14′ span of monkey bars.
  • Over 1,500 lbs of High-Quality Bumper Plates – Used for Olympic Weightlifting and capable of being dropped for safety and ease of use.
  • Over 1,500 lbs of Steel Weight Plates Specialty Bars – (Trap bars, Swiss bars, Safety Squat bars, Log Press, Cambered bar, Zercher Bar, Fat Bar, EZ-Curl bars, DB handles)
  • Multiple Glute Ham Developers – (GHR, Back Extension, Reverse Hyper)
  • Accessories – (Jungle Gym straps, Slingshots, Versus, chains, bands, grip tools and mobility tools, heavy bags, push up handles, AB wheels, press boards, Dynamax medicine balls, Val Slides)



Exceed also features both Indoor and Outdoor Turf spaces for speed, agility and conditioning work. Our turf, along with our specialized equipment, allows us to maximize athleticism through proven methods and progressions.

  • Medicine Balls – Used for throwing and striking.
  • 25 Yard Concrete Medicine Ball Wall – Used for MB throws and using as an anchor for resisted movement
  • Basic Agility Equipment – (ladders, rings and cones)
  • Resisted Speed Equipment –  (“the trainer”, bands, sleds and harnesses)
  • Jumping/Plyometric Equipment – (adjustable hurdles, mini-hurdles, Soft-Impact plyo-boxes) These allow us to work on landing and jumping without the common injuries that are associated with the wood or steel versions.
  • Heavy Pulling/Pushing Sleds – Used for conditioning and joint-friendly strength work.
  • 3 – Airdyne Bikes – Used for conditioning and injury-friendly warm ups.
  • Accessories – (farmers carry handles)

We also have access to a large hill during warmer seasons and a massive parking lot for nice weather non-traditional conditioning.