Other Programs

Our athletic development and programming is not just limited to youth athletes, college athletes and adult group training. Below are some of the additional programs we offer. 


Exceed’s in-season program is designed to help athletes maintain strength throughout their season. Most in-season athletes come into the gym 1-2 times per week, working around their competition schedule. 


 Even as a professional athlete, it’s possible to get bigger, faster and stronger. Using our proven techniques and programming, we will work dilligently with you on your quest to leave a lasting legacy in your sport. Our focus on speed, power and agility will give you the edge you need to allow you to play better now and continue playing at the highest level for years to come. 


If your team is ready to take its preseason training up a notch, Exceed’s Team Training program is for you. Our carefully designed programs will get your team both mentally and physically ready for the upcoming season. Our coaches design each program based on the needs of your team and specific sport. On top of getting elite strength training and speed coaching, your athletes will expererience a unique team bonding experience as they work side-by-side in the weightroom toward a common goal. All athletes, from captain to third string, will be pushed and held accountable by one another to forge bonds that will translate onto the ice/field/court/other.
Exceed has ample space to handle large training groups on our indoor and outdoor turf fields, as well as in the spacious strength training room. We offer competetive group pricing to make excellence affordable for your team.
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