“Our three boys (16, 14 & 11) have been working with Shane for over 6 years. We feel extremely lucky to have found such an exceptional trainer. His knowledge of strength development and the specific needs of young athletes is second to none. Shane has created personalized programs for the boys that have allowed each of them to make incredible gains in flexibility, strength and power. Under his watch, they have learned the proper technique of weight training and fully understand the importance of quality over quantity. Most importantly, the work they put in at Exceed has positively impacted their performance on the ice and allows them to excel at their sport while remaining injury free. His commitment to detail, passion for his client’s success, and his understanding of the demands placed on aspiring athletes is what sets him apart from many others in his field. We highly recommend Exceed Sports Performance & Fitness for everyone.”

– Sharon and Garrett Burke, Boxborough, MA

“My son Finn began working with Shane before his very first season of football ever, in 6th grade. At that time Finn sometimes fell over just running across the field. Shane is an athlete at heart and has a great ability to assess and train athletes specific to their sport and their level of development. More importantly he inspires athletes to work their hardest and have fun doing it. We would strongly recommend him to athletes of any age! Here’s Finn from this year’s season (8th grade).”

– Suzanne Dirstine, Acton, MA