Exceed Sports Performance & Fitness is not for everyone. There are no lavish amenities, no fluff, and no gimmicks. We aim simply to provide our athletes and clients alike with an environment that will allow them to work hard and achieve results. EXCEED opened it’s doors full time in late 2012, but our staff has spent the better part of the last decade developing our methods and coaching skills.

One of our core principles is that all athletes are unique. Although many possess similar strengths and weaknesses, it is vital to approach each athlete with their individual needs in mind. After a comprehensive assessment the athlete is provided with custom exercise programming and instruction based on our findings. The right exercise program is the one that garners the greatest results. This individualization allows us to better approach the optimal and ideal program for all of our clients. Lastly, and often most importantly, in addition to the exercise programming each client is approached with different coaching methods and instruction depending on their learning style and demeanor.


Our mission is to deliver a cutting-edge performance training system to each and every one of our clients — from developing youths to active adults and elite competitive athletes. Our goal is to improve client performance by fostering a constructive, inclusive and supportive environment in which our clients feel challenged to become the best they can be.

At Exceed Sports Performance & Fitness, we strive to put forth the best product available. We expect our clients to make improvements every single session–physically and mentally–so that they are adequately prepared to overcome the obstacles facing them, not only on the playing field, in all aspects of their lives. Simply put, we are driven to help our clients EXCEED all of their goals!


​In a time where feelings of entitlement is high amongst the youth, we think that it is important to work hard at something and put in a consistent effort in order to achieve your desired results. We promote an attitude and level of commitment that pushes the athlete to seek small improvements one day at a time. Over time these repetitive focused efforts add up to greatness. This is why we have established a level and promotion system that is hard to argue with. Click the picture to read more about it.