EXCEED SPORTS PERFORMANCE & FITNESS is currently accepting applications for part-time Strength and Conditioning Interns.

An internship with EXCEED will dramatically improve your knowledge and understanding of strength and conditioning. Through a hands-on, coaching intensive internship you will learn what it takes to coach real athletes and manage their unique demands and issues. During the process you will work directly with Middle School, High School and Adult Competitors as well as assist and observe more elite athletes in the Collegiate and Professional Ranks.

Applicants are expected to have a passionate interest in becoming an excellent coach. You must feel comfortable interacting with our clients, their parents and siblings, our staff and fellow interns. We are looking for motivated applicants who are hungry to learn and develop into S & C professionals. We are very hands on and emphasize speed and power heavily. It is ideal for applicants to have a strong background in athletics and should be able to demonstrate a wide spectrum of skills.

Intern Duties, Responsibilities and Skills should include but are not limited to:

  • General Warm Ups – Movement and Dynamic Prep
  • Tissue Quality – Self Myofascial Release
  • Tissue Length – Static and Dynamic Stretching Methods
  • Speed Development – Acceleration, Deceleration and Re-Acceleration
  • Plyometrics, Jumping and Landing
  • Power Development – Olympic Weightlifting and Weighted Jumps and Throws
  • Total Body Strength Development – Maximal, Dynamic, Repetitive and other forms
  • Core Training – Producing and Reducing movement through the core
  • Injury Reduction Methods – through technique and strength development
  • Daily Procedures – Set Up, Clean Up, Organizational help


  • Currently we are only offering part-time internships

** individual schedule based on institutions calendar

If you are interested in joining our team for any of these Blocks please complete and email a copy of our Exceed Intern Application (see link below) as well as a copy of your resume to You can also send a hard copy to us HERE.


Exceed Intern Application